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Tummy tucks in India

Tummy tucks in India

There has probably never been a time in the human history when flat stomachs were so desirable. Blame the unrealistic beauty standards set by the Hollywood and the media; we are constantly bombarded with pictures of perfect bodies and even more perfect tummies! But for most of us, diets and exercise alone cannot help get rid of the stubborn fats that get accumulated in our stomachs. This could have been the results of years of negligence (lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits) or pregnancy and child birth (in women). This is where the advancements in medical science come to rescue us from our inferior body image-trappings.

Tummy Tuck surgery in India

Tummy Tuck in india




Is it too expensive to get a tummy tuck?

Tummy tucks are one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeries and that’s quite understandable. But what prevents many from ‘going under the knife’ is the realization that the perfect tummies are too expensive for them to afford. In addition, Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgeries. So is cursing our bank accounts and rising medical costs all that you can do? No, not if you are well-acquainted with the recent trends of medical tourism.

India-The new destination for tummy tucks

Owing to low cost and quality medical procedures offered in India, more than 400,000 people from around the world have chosen it for various medical procedures in the year 2012 alone. Well, most of you do not need an introduction to India. There have been too many books, memoirs, blogs and films that talk of the country’s spirituality, culture, arts, spectacular tourist destinations etc. Add one more to the list- medical tourism. India has been steadily building its reputation as one of the most trusted and cheap destinations for medical procedures like tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck-A brief introduction

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty involves removal of excess fat and skin from lower and middle regions of abdomen followed by tightening of abdominal muscles. As a result loose sagging skin around the abdomen gets removed and stretch marks gained due to pregnancy or weight loss get removed.   During the surgical procedure that lasts 3-4 hours, an incision is made in the lower abdomen horizontally. The excess fat is then removed after separating muscles and skin. The final steps of abdominoplasty include closing the incision and bandaging the area. Also the drainage tubes that are inserted are meant to prevent accumulation of fluids. This invasive surgical procedure needs to be handled with utmost precision and care. Although women constitute the majority of patients undergoing tummy tucks, recent trends suggest an increased interest for abdominoplasty among men as well.

It is common to experience pain, numbness, swelling and discomfort in the days immediately following tummy tucks. The drainage tubes can be removed within 2-3 days. On the whole, it is requisite of you to stay in the hospital under medical supervision for 3-4 days. You would be able to return to your home country after one more week.

Irresistible cost and services in India

While a typical tummy tuck can cost you around 10,000$ or more in US, tummy tuck in India costs as less as 2700$ -4200 $ depending upon the skill of surgeon, extent of surgery required, hospital you chose to get the procedure done and the city of your preference. Also, unlike in developed nations, when the cost charts just include surgeon’s fees, the costs in India include anesthesia, pre-surgical investigations, surgeon’s fees, liposuction of the abdomen, hospital bills for 3 days, medical bills,  and even airport transfers and complete assistance till you fly back to your home country. No wonder affordable tummy tucks in India are proving irresistible for many!

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