Brazilian Butt Lift- Enhance Your Rear with Your Own Body Fat

Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the natural ways to have a shapely rear is by transferring one’s own body fat to buttocks, popularly known as Brazilian Butt lift.

It is the procedure which involves removing fat from other body areas such as abdomen, flanks or thighs by liposuction and transferring the harvested fat to the buttocks to give a shapely derriere.

Advantages of Fat Transfer Over Buttock Implants

The fact that you are putting your own body fat to better use is more appealing to many women rather than using an implant or a foreign body.

It also gives a natural feel and has no chances of rejection.

The cost is also much less as compared to using implants for butt enhancement.

Owing to many advantages that the procedure offers, the surgery has become extremely popular among women across the world, especially African countries.

The procedure has two fold benefits – one, liposuction removes excessive fat from other body areas and two – it adds more volume to the rear and  thus helps a woman attain a shapely figure. The only flip side is that fat gets resorbed into the body to an extent.

Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have relatively more fat deposit on abdomen, thighs, hips and other parts of the body and need to have a more pronounced rear, you are a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift-The Procedure

Brazilian buttock augmentation entails two procedures – (a) liposuction and (b) Fat transfer to buttocks.


The areas for Liposuction are carefully chosen which are close to the buttocks viz, abdomen, flanks, thighs and back just above the buttocks.

This way the buttocks become more pronounced with even small amount of fat transfer as adjacent areas become relatively leaner.

Liposuction can be done by many techniques- tumescent liposuction, ultrasonic, water jet, laser etc.

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Autologous Fat Transfer

The sterile fat collected is then processed and washed with a double antibiotic solution and then placed in the syringes. The syringes are connected to a cannula which transfers the fat into the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift in India

The cost of plastic surgery in India is not only affordable, you get operated by Board certified surgeons, language is not a problem and health care facilities are accredited.

Besides, there are many other advantages of undergoing plastic surgery in India and thus more and more women are opting to travel to India for their makeover surgery.

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The cost of Brazilian Butt lift in India starts from USD 2700, which is a fraction of what you would pay for similar surgery in a Western country.

The fact that you can undergo one of the most popular procedure  at such affordable cost without any compromise on the quality of care and services, lots and lots of women from across the world, especially from African countries (Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda) are choosing India for their Butt lift surgery.

Planning your trip to India for Buttock Lift

It is best to seek help from a professional medical tourism company who would not only help you choose the best surgeon and hospital for your surgery, but would also help you plan your trip.

IndiCure is the largest and most trusted name for cosmetic surgery holidays in India. We have on our panel the most experienced plastic surgeons  who have been consistently delivering great plastic surgery results.

To know more about Brazilian butt lift in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or skype us at Indicure.


Our guest feels Liposuction in India to be as good as in New York!

This guest of ours from New York was already in good shape and wanted to get rid of the fat on her flanks. Liposuction of the flanks and lower back was what cosmetic surgeons had recommended her; but the cost of liposuction in New York or at any other private clinic in the US would have cost her a lot of money.

She was very determined to get the surgery of her dreams and started looking for options outside New York and the United States.

She got to know about the option of plastic surgery abroad when a friend of hers shared a link about IndiCure and its services. She sent her pictures for an initial consultation and evaluation and there was no looking back after that.

Affordable cost of Liposuction in India, world class hospital and highly experienced board certified surgeon was what she was offered by IndiCure.

She came to India with a lot of skepticism, but after her arrival in India, nothing disappointed her. All her skepticism vanished and she was extremely satisfied with the surgeon, hospital, IndiCure and everything about her treatment for Liposuction in India.

In a conversation with IndiCure staff after the surgery, she speaks about her experiences and even goes to exclaim that she didn’t even feel that she is not in New York!

“I am from New York City and I came to India for liposuction of the flanks…and I am very satisfied. The hospital is very nice…and the surgeon is very nice, very helpful.

IndiCure case managers were very helpful, they told me step by step, and if I had any questions they answered it. They also helped me schedule a room for my husband and family members that came with us. They did a very good job, I am very satisfied with that. I would definitely recommend IndiCure to people coming to India for plastic surgery. The surgeon explained things to me before the surgery what needs to be done to give me the best results.

The hospital is very clean, and I am from New York and I didn’t even feel that I am not in New York! I was actually scared at first for getting the surgery in India, but after I came here, I was very happy with everything.”

 Plastic Surgery in India

Though a lot of people are still skeptical about the quality of care and services in a so called “poor country”- India, the fact of the matter is corporate hospitals in India are as good as their counterparts in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

These hospitals are JCI accredited, surgeons trained at best medical schools in the world and are sometimes more experienced than the doctors in West. Language is not a barrier as English is the official language of the country and there is no country as unique as India in the world. Your visit to India for plastic surgery can not only be a trip for transformation, but a rejuvenating vacation for you as well.

You should be however careful in choosing the right provider. Here are few important things to know before you opt for plastic surgery abroad or in India

Plastic Surgery Prices in India

The best and the most lucrative part about the country that draws people from across the world is low cost of plastic surgery in India.

You get quality services at most affordable prices. To give a comparison, whereas the cost of tummy tuck in the US costs anywhere between US $ 9000-12,000, in UK it costs around £8,000-12,000 in UK, the cost of tummy tuck in India varies from US $ 2900-4000 only.

If you are also looking for affordable and quality cosmetic surgery at best plastic surgery hospitals in India, you can contact IndiCure.  IndiCure takes pride to be a pioneer and most trusted medical travel partner for cosmetic / plastic surgery in India. To plan your plastic surgery in India with handpicked surgeons at world class clinics, you can call us at +91-932-003-6777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) or talk to us at Skye @ Indicure



Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures Among Women by Age

The transformation that plastic surgery brings in the face and body inspires many women to undergo the knife to improve their shape and size.

Millions of women around the world undergo plastic surgery every year to improve their body image for an increased self-confidence.

Because plastic surgery is an elective surgery, it is difficult to correctly analyze the demographics, popular plastic surgery procedures among women can be broken down by age group in which they are most popular as follows:

Age 14-19

Nose job or nose reshaping, also known as Rhinoplasty is the most popular procedure among girls of this age. The reason is very simple- the shape and structure of your nose do not change with age.

Unlike other body parts whose shape changes with age, e.g, your breast grows during pregnancy, fat gets deposited around tummy, hips, and buttocks, but you live with the nose you are born with. So, if you are not happy with the shape or size of your nose, you can get the surgery done at any age. Adolescents starting college or entering professional studies often turn to Rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance.

Adolescents starting college or entering professional studies often turn to Rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance.

So, women who are not happy with the shape or size of their nose can get the surgery done at any age. Adolescents starting college or entering professional studies often turn to Rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance.

Age 20-29 yrs

After puberty, girls are most conscious about the shape of their body and body image is very important to them.

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is the most popular procedure among the girls of this age to boost their confidence and balance the proportion of newly formed adult figures.

Breasts at this age have usually reached to a fixed point in terms of size and shape and further changes are completely unpredictable.


Plastic surgery in India

Girls between 20-29 are most conscious about their breasts

30-40 yrs

Body metabolism begins to slow when women reach 30. Most women begin to notice fat deposits around belly/ hips/ buttocks/ arms which in spite of exercise and diet.

Liposuction is the most commonly sought procedure among women at this age. The advancement in the technology and techniques in performing liposuction has motivated more and more women to undergo the procedure.

Not only the liposuction provides consistent and predictable results now, the procedure is much safer now with minimal downtime.

plastic surgery in India

Liposuction removes extra fat and gives contours



40-50 yrs

This is the time when aging begins to take a toll on women’s body and face. Breasts sag after pregnancies and breastfeeding, abdominal muscles become loose and there is usually an overhang with fat deposits. Most women have finished with childbearing now and kids have grown up. They now have time for themselves and to pay good attention to their body.

Breast lift or Breast Reduction combined with the tummy tuck are the most commonly sought procedures by women at this age. Many women even like to undergo a complete makeover of the body to give a nice shape and sculpting to reverse the effects of aging and childbearing on their body, popularly known as the mommy makeover.

After 50

After 50, it is usually the face where the age begins to take a toll. Wrinkles begin to appear around eyes, upper eyelids and forehead begin to droop. Naso-labial or smile folds become prominent, cheeks droop, the definition of jawline is blunted with jowls and fullness with excess fat in upper neck and chin.

The procedures sought by women to reverse the signs of aging on the face are eyelid surgery or blepharoplsty, brow lift; face lift or MACS lift.

The procedures can be done separately or combined to lift the brows, tighten the jawline, treat the jowls and reshape the neck. The combined facial procedures rejuvenate the face giving a fresh appearance turning the clock back on face.

Of course, every woman ages differently and everyone has different goals and expectations. These are just a few popular plastic surgery procedures among women by age.

It is not unusual for a woman to undergo mommy makeover at the age of 30 if she is through with childbearing and wants to reshape the body. There is no specific or ideal age to do the procedures.

 Can’t Afford Plastic Surgery Near You?


If you have been thinking of undergoing plastic surgery and have not been able to do so because you can’t afford the surgery in your country or not many renowned cosmetic surgery specialists are available, plastic surgery abroad is a good option for you.

India is one of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery abroad.  Not only the cost of plastic surgery in India is much affordable,  you get operated by board-certified cosmetic surgeons, language is not a problem, hospitals are JCI accredited, you also get to visit a unique country.

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Planning Your Cosmetic Surgery Trip to India

IndiCure is the most renowned provider of plastic surgery in India.  With hundreds of happy clients from over 30 countries, IndiCure understands your expectations well when you have chosen for cosmetic surgery abroad.

For more information about your plastic surgery in India, you can write to us at or call us at  +91-932-003-6777 (India number) or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) or talk to us at Skype @IndiCure


Body Lift Surgery after Massive Weight Loss- Important Things to Know

After massive weight loss following either bariatric surgery or diet and exercising, the skin loses its elasticity and sags. This may result in self-consciousness in patients, general discomfort, vulnerability to skin infections and clothes not fitting properly.

The major skin sag usually happens in the abdominal region, upper arms, face, neck, breasts, thighs, and buttocks giving a misshapen body contour.

The most common changes that occur as a result of the loss of fat and tissue elasticity are:

  • Flattened breasts with nipples pointing downwards
  • Sagging upper arms that appear loose
  • Extended abdominal area around the sides and lower back
  • Sagging groin, thighs and buttocks

Thankfully, plastic surgery has an effective solution to this problem- Body Lift Surgery.

Body Lift

Body Lift is an excellent treatment option that helps in removing excess skin, tightening loose muscles and even removal of the fat left behind.

It results in improved body contours and is usually the last step after massive weight loss to achieve a shapely body.

Body lift surgery is usually divided into various categories -Lower Body Lift, Mid Lift, Upper Body Lift and Full Body Lift.

The patient may choose either of these procedures depending on the location of extra skin and his/ her concerns.

It is important to note that the body lift is a highly customizable to the unique needs of the patient.

Besides, body lift is a complex surgery and needs a well trained and experienced surgeon. If you are sure you need a body lift surgery, you should find a board certified surgeon who is well trained to perform the procedure.


It is of utmost importance that you have a stable body weight for at least three months before you opt for a body lift plastic surgery.

If you are still in the process of losing weight, you should wait till you have lost all the excess weight or do not plan to lose any further weight.  The ideal scenario is to have a stable weight for at least last six months to a year when you undergo the surgery, else the results may get compromised.

Ideal candidates for total body contouring are males and females who:

  • Have lost 40 to 50% of the excess body weight
  • Are above 18
  • Have stable body weight for at least three months
  • Suffer from loose, droopy skin around your abdomen and/or other parts of the body
  • Do not have any medical condition that may impair healing
  • Are Non-Smokers
  • Females who do not plan to become pregnant after the surgery (as that may compromise the results)
  • Are in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations from the surgery.

Lower Body Lift

Lower body lift usually sets the stage and is performed on the sagging abdomen, outer thighs and hips and waist are corrected. The commonly done procedures under lower body lift are:

Tummy tuck / Belt Lipectomy - Also known as the belt lipectomy, the incisions extend around the body to remove excess skin and fat from the entire belt.

Circumferential Thigh Lift – Uplifts the skin of thighs circumferentially.

Butt Lift – Uplifts skin of the buttocks, and gives them a fuller and youthful appearance.

Thigh Lift- Tightens the inner thighs by removing extra skin and tightening the loose muscles. Groin area is also corrected at the same time.

Mid and Upper Body Lift

When the concerns of the patient include upper and mid body also, a mid-body lift and upper body lift are also recommended.

It is, however, important to note that these are extensive procedures and cannot be done at the same time. Your cosmetic surgeon would guide you about the procedures that can be combined and what should be the gap between the procedures.

The Upper and Mid Body lift may comprise the following procedures. However, since every patient’s concerns and requirements are different, the surgery is customised.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery uplifts the sagging and flat breasts and gives them perky appearance. Sometimes a breast implant may also be used to improve the shape and size of the breasts.

Midsection Lift

When the concerns of the patient are not just the breast or chest in males, but the loose skin under the arms or at the upper back also, a midsection lift is recommended by the cosmetic surgeon. Midsection lift gives a 360 degrees correction of the upper back and loose skin around the chest.

 Arm Lift

In massive weight loss patients, the skin of the arms also becomes loose, giving bat wings kind of an appearance, which is corrected by an arm lift.

Arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty removes the sagging skin from the upper arms. The procedure is performed by making an incision on the inner side of upper arm resulting in well-toned arms and youthful contours.

Face and Neck Lift

After major weight loss, the facial skin loses elasticity resulting in drooping of cheek pads,  jowls appear and jawline becomes ill-defined.  The skin of the neck also becomes loose and sagging.

The face and neck lift tones up the facial and neck skin and raises the cheek pads, corrects jowls and removes loose skin. Face and neck lift give fantastic results and leave little or no scars giving a rejuvenated and younger looking appearance.

 Body Lift Cost

Since body lift is a highly customised surgery, the cost of body lift varies with the unique requirements of the patient. The cost depends on various factors, the most important of which are listed below:

  • Type of Body lift you undergo- Whether you need just an upper body lift, or lower body lift or full body lift determines the price you pay for the surgery. If the surgeon works on full body, the cost is definitely much higher than just working on upper body or doing a limited lift. Typically a full body lift in the USA may cost anywhere between US $15,000 to $25,000 and can even go up to US $50,000.
  • Whether or not procedures are combined- When doing a full body lift, your surgeon may choose to combine a few procedures or may want to stagger them to avoid long duration of anesthesia to aid in swift recovery. This decision depends on your medical condition and the surgeon’s preference. When the procedures are staggered, the cost is higher as compared to combining procedures and doing them at the same time.
  • How much fat you have- Patients who need liposuction to remove extra fat before the procedure will have to pay more for the liposuction than those who only need the body lift.
  • Surgeon’s experience- It is well known that an experienced surgeon charges more than a novice surgeon. However, since body lift is a major surgery, you should not compromise with health and safety just to save a few dollars.
  • Place where the surgery is performed- The cost of any plastic surgery varies greatly with the location where the surgery is being done with great variation from one country to another and significant variation within the same country also.

For example, the cost of body lift in US varies from $15,000 to $50,000, £ 10,000 to £ 30,000 in UK, AUD 25,000 to 60,000 in Australia; whereas in a country like India, full body lift costs around $7000-8000 with the same quality of services and with surgeons equally qualified and experienced.

Body Lift Surgery Cost in India

The cost of Body lift in India is a fraction of what it costs to get the surgery done in any Western country.  Even if you add flight and accommodation, the cost of body lift in India is much cheaper than undergoing the procedure in US, UK, Canada or Australia.

This in no way means compromising on the quality. India has few of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world, they are board certified and are well experienced, hospital facilities are excellent, language is not a problem- the doctors, nurses and all medical staff speak English, there is no waiting time and your surgery remains confidential.

You can also combine your trip with a visit to an exotic location in India which most of the travelers love to do before their surgery.

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Finding the Right Surgeon for your Body Lift

Finding the right surgeon for your plastic surgery can be really tedious especially when you are considering plastic surgery abroad.

However, companies like IndiCure can help you with not only choosing the best surgeon, we can also help you get the best cost at the hospital, help you with visa formalities, arranging accommodation, help you connect with previous patients and everything you may need to plan your trip and make an informed decision.

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IndiCure is the most renowned name for proving cosmetic surgery in association with best cosmetic surgeons in India. With hundreds of satisfied and happy clients from across the world, IndiCure understands your expectations well and anticipate your requirements well.

We have specially designed body contouring packages for you to help you get the best of your trip to India.

For further information, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 (India number) or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) or talk to us at Skype@Indicure.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Plastic surgery in India

We at IndiCure know that we live in a ‘I-am-too-busy-to read-all-the-stuff’ world.

So how about we give you 5 quick reasons why you should get plastic surgery in India.

1.       Highly Skilled Plastic Surgeons:

An Amazing Cosmetic Surgery Begins with an Amazing Cosmetic Surgeon

The above lines are very popular in the world of cosmetic surgery.

What do you care about most when you opt to undergo plastic surgery?

That you get the best results possible.

That you are treated under highly skilled medical staff who can bring about changes that they promise. That the cosmetic surgeon in whose hands you place your trust is not just knowledgeable but also experienced.

No one wants to risk getting plastic surgery done by under-experienced doctors in third world countries so as to save a few bucks.

We realize that. Precisely why we choose for you the best cosmetic surgeons in India, whose expertise and skills have been thanked over and over by hundreds of satisfied clients around the world.

2.       Excellent Hospital Infrastructure

It isn’t just the doctors who matter. It is equally necessary to be treated in a safe and friendly environment. India has some of the best hospitals dedicated to plastic surgery.

Not only do they have highly sophisticated medical infrastructure at par with those in the developed nations, but they also offer personalized services to its patients.

We understand that because each of us deserves to be treated as per our own unique needs, you get exactly what you need.

3.       Privacy

Plastic surgery is a private affair. Talking about getting a nose job or boob lift can get media attention for Hollywood stars, but for us –No, thank you!- we would still not like the world to know what we did with our breasts, face and butts.

Some might call it an embarrassment. But we consider it a deeply personal issue. Is there a better way to ensure privacy than opting for plastic surgery abroad?

You do not have to stress about the nosy interventions by your family or colleagues.

4.       English speaking staff

Getting into an alien land where you cannot converse with its inhabitants can sure make up a good story. That is, if you are the listener and not the protagonist of the story.

Most of us do not realize how much we take the gifts of communication for granted unless we get involved with people who do not speak or understand our language.

Do not worry, medical staff in India do speak good English. You would not have to face language barriers in India’s hospitals.

5.       Cosmetic surgery + Vacation= Cosmetic surgery Holiday

India is a unique country! You would have heard a lot about its amazing diversity, rich cultural heritage, and picturesque locations.

Travelling to India for plastic surgery in India can prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made. You could club it with a trip to an exotic location in India and make it one of the most memorable times in your life.

But, why have we not talked about the low costs yet? After all, that is what attracts many to India, the land where plastic surgery originated?

Because we wanted to tell you that cheap costs are not the only reason why thousands of clients across the world choose to get their cosmetic surgery in India done. Cheap costs are inevitably our no.1 USP,  but isn’t the only one.

Next time, someone questions your decision to travel to India for your cosmetic surgery,  share this article with them telling 5 reasons why you should choose to get your plastic surgery in India.

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best cosmetic surgeon in India


IndiCure is the most renowned and largest provider of cosmetic surgery holidays in India. We have on our panel few of the best and most renowned plastic surgeons who have given amazing results to our clients.

With hundreds of happy clients from over 30 countries, we understand your requirements well and offer you customized services for your cosmetic surgery in India.

For more information about your cosmetic surgery holidays in India, write to us at or call us at +91 9320036777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) talk to us at Skype@IndiCure.






10 Important Tips When Choosing Cosmetic Surgery in India

So, you have decided to get your cosmetic surgery in India.  After all plastic surgery in India is much affordable, doctors are highly qualified, language is not a problem and you always wanted to visit India for her cultural and natural attractions.

You have searched the internet are completely confused with the plethora of information available. There are numerous surgeons, hospitals, medical tourism companies all boasting about them being the best and offering prices cheaper than the other.

So, whom to choose?

And since India is a large country, you are not sure, which part of the country is the best place to be.

We as a decade old company understand your requirements well when you plan to choose your plastic surgery abroad.

Here are 10 important points that would help you make the best of your trip for cosmetic surgery to India:

1. Let COST BE NOT THE ONLY deciding factor- Though cost is a very important factor in choosing the provider, let cost be not the ONLY deciding factor.

Please understand that cosmetic surgery is a serious business and correcting a botched up surgery can prove to be much more expensive than original surgery.

It is a matter of your health and life, so, make an informed decision and let not cost be the only deciding factor.

2. Choose the Right Procedure- It is very important to know about the procedure you plan to undergo and understand what it can do for you.

For example, you may need a tummy tuck for removing extra skin and fat from your stomach, while thinking that liposuction on your stomach would do a great job. There is no harm in spending a few dollars on getting a consult with a renowned plastic surgeon locally.

There is thus no harm in spending a few dollars on getting a consult with a renowned plastic surgeon locally to be doubly sure of what procedure you would need.

3. Understand about the procedure, risks, and results FOR YOU:  It is important to know the duration of surgery, anesthesia, and risks associated with the surgery you choose and results YOU can expect.

While tummy tuck can do wonders for a lady with ideal body weight and with the loose belly, but can only bring some improvement in your shape if you have a high BMI.

It is thus important to understand the results and limitations of the procedure FOR YOU.

4. Choose your Surgeon carefully- 

An amazing cosmetic surgery begins with an amazing surgeon.

It is of utmost importance that you choose a good cosmetic surgeon in India who understands your requirements and is well trained and experienced.

Following are few things you should know about your surgeon:

  • Plastic surgeon’s training and experience
  • Is he certified and a member of recognized national and international plastic surgery societies
  • Does he speak and understand your language well
  • Is there a place where you can verify his credentials
  • References of the past patients operated by him
  • If you can have a telephonic or video conference with the surgeon

5. Know about the facility where your surgery would be done- It is important to know about the facility where the surgery would be performed.

Following are few important things you should know about the facility:

  •  Is the facility accredited
  • What is the infection rate
  • Would you be assigned a private nurse
  • Would you stay in a private or sharing room
  • Would your surgery be done in the same surgery room as other infectious cases
  • Policy of the hospital on HIV positive cases

6. Package Inclusions- Few providers may give you quotes that may seem very cheap on the face of it. But make sure you clarify what all is included in the package, else you may end up paying much more than you had thought it would cost.

Few things that usually are not a part of the package but you would be charged afterward are:

  • Follow up consultations and dressings
  • Pressure garments
  • Medicines on discharge
  • In land transport
  • Accommodation after discharge from hospital
  • Air port transfers
  • Local taxes

7Which city would the surgery be done: It is good to know which city would be the surgery done at – whether it has an international airport or no, or whether you would be driven for hours after a long flight.

A metro city or an A class city usually has the infrastructure and ecosystem for foreigners, whereas smaller places may be good for adventure tourism, but not good for recuperation after the surgery.

8. Follow up care: It is very important to know how the follow-up care would be handled, and whom you need to contact should you have any issues after you go back home.

9. Company whom you are dealing with:  You can judge the experience and expertise of the people you are dealing with through the communication you have with them and how well they handle your queries.

A professional medical tourism provider would take your queries seriously and would make efforts to provide you complete information and not cut corners just to sign you for the procedure.

It is always good to pick up the phone and speak with the person you are dealing with, to know how sincere and professional he/she is.

10. Past references:  Asking for references is always helpful. A reputable medical tourism company who has happy clients would not shy away from giving you references of previous patients who can share their experience with you.

Though there are many good cosmetic surgeons, hospitals and medical tourism providers who can arrange your cosmetic surgery in India, there are many who may not be well trained or qualified or may not just understand your requirements and expectations and not stand by what they promised you before your arrival.

It happens in India like it happens anywhere in the world. You must be cautious and careful in finding the right and reliable provider for your sojourn to India. It is very important to have someone trustworthy to be at your side especially after the surgery in a foreign country.

IndiCure is the largest provider of cosmetic surgery tourism in India. With hundreds of happy clients from across the world, IndiCure understands your requirements very well.  For more information about your plastic surgery in India, write to us at or call us at +91 93200 36777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free) or talk to us at skype@IndiCure



Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at the same time?

Breast Reduction with Tummy tuck

‘Can I have the breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time?’ or “Is it safe to combine” Is it safe to combine a tummy tuck with the breast reduction?” are very common questions asked by women looking for body contouring plastic surgery.

It makes a lot of economic sense to combine the procedures. More so, if you are traveling abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Besides economics of it, the advantages of combining the tummy tuck and breast reduction together are many.

  • You get complete body makeover in one sitting
  • Recovery time is combined
  • Time taken off from work is single
  • One time anesthesia is required
  • One time hospitalization is required
  • If you are traveling abroad, one-time air ticket and one-time expenses are involved.

However, we asked one of the prestigious cosmetic surgeons in India, Dr Mukund Jagannathan, a highly accomplished surgeon to know how safe and effective is it to have a breast reduction and tummy tuck at the same time. His opinion goes as follows:

His opinion goes as follows:

Major procedures like Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck are staggered or combined depending on various factors including expected time taken for the surgery, the health condition of the patient and her hemoglobin levels, anesthesia time and type of anesthesia, blood loss during the surgery besides others.

While combining the two procedures, the total surgical time is definitely reduced, but not to a great extent.

It is noteworthy that breast and tummy are adjacent to one another. Therefore they cannot be done simultaneously by the surgeon and his assistant without coming in each other’s way. One procedure has to be almost finished before the other starts.

Also, since both are major procedures and should be taken very seriously, there are certain critical points in each of these surgeries. Till they are tackled, the primary surgeon cannot leave one and start another part.

Another overwhelming consideration is total operative time per session. If it goes more than 6 to 7 hours, it is not definitely not good for the patient.

It is universally accepted that it is better to give anesthesia in two sittings spaced a few days apart. i.e. It is preferable to have one 6 hour and one 3 hour procedure a few days apart rather than a single 8 and half hour procedure.

Safety is the first consideration in procedures like this. It is always safer to stage the case and do one or more of the procedures in order to ensure a safe outcome.

When we do stagger the two procedures, we always prefer to do the tummy first and while she is in the ward recovering from it, then do the breast, so that total recovery time is telescoped into one.

However, if the patient to be operated does not have huge breasts and tummy and the surgery can be finished within 6- 7 hours on one sitting, it is definitely better to combine the two procedures in view of the advantages listed above.

We definitely consider this for patients coming from overseas, specially because the cost of airfare and accommodation and various other things go up. We break down the procedures but do them in one visit only WITHOUT compromising on the safety of the patient and the results of the surgery.

Thus the bottom line is that if there is not too much work and both the procedures can be finished within 6 to 7 hours, it is ok to combine it.

However, If there is much work to be done on tummy or breasts or both; it makes sense to split the procedures in the interest of the patient.

Recovery time and overall duration are slightly prolonged and the cost goes up by a bit, but patient safety is the prime consideration and that cannot and should not be compromised for any number of advantages combining the procedure offers.

If you are wanting to know if you can combine the tummy tuck and breast reduction together and are looking for an affordable tummy tuck and breast reduction abroad, you can get in touch with us.

IndiCure is leading and most renowned provider of cosmetic surgery in India and has successfully provided cosmetic surgery to people from over 30 countries looking for affordable plastic surgery in India.

IndiCure has a panel of few of the best and most renowned cosmetic surgeons in India who always work in the best interest of the patient.

For more information, visit us at our Cosmetic Surgery Website or page for cosmetic surgery in India.

You call us at +91-932-003-6777 (India number) or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll Free). You can also write to us at or talk to us at Skype @ IndiCure




Breast Implants Surgery in India- Frequently asked Questions

Breast augmentation through implants is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures across the world. Because of the huge cost difference between the cost of breast implants surgery in India and West, many people from Western countries and all over the world prefer to get breast surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures done in India.

It is natural to have a lot of questions before you decide to have breast implants surgery abroad in India, few of which are answered by IndiCure.  You can contact us for more questions on breast augmentation and we shall be happy to answer them.

Which is the best plastic surgery hospital in India for breast implants surgery?

There are many good hospitals for plastic surgery in India. You can view the list of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India here.

Besides hospitals, the outcome of Breast implants surgery or any plastic surgery depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon. It is thus also important to look for the best plastic surgeon in India for the best result of breast implants surgery.

There are a few important things that you should look into before deciding where to get breast implants surgery done. Remember the price of breast implants surgery is important, but should not be the only criteria for your decision. 

  1.  Qualification and experience of the surgeon in performing breast implants- Get to know the qualifications of the surgeon and his experience in performing breast augmentation.  How many breast implant procedures has he performed and what has been the success rate.
  2. It is good to look at some of the before after pictures of his work.
  3. Plastic surgery clinic/ hospital where the procedure shall be done- It is important to know where the procedure shall be performed for two things. 1) Whether they can manage if something goes wrong and 2) How comfortable would you be staying there.
  4. Anesthesia- It is advisable to know if you would be given general or local anesthesia  Would the pre-op tests be performed before you are given anesthesia , how experienced is the anesthetist etc.
  5. Type of Implants- You must know which type of implants shall be used- whether they are FDA approved, saline or silicon, round or anatomical, size and texture are few of the important things to know.

What kind of results can I expect from breast implants surgery?

Breast augmentation or enhancement through implants shall give you breasts full of volume and the size that suits your body.

These are few of the before after pictures of breast implant surgery.


Breast augmentation with implants
Breast Implants Before & After photos


breast implants in India

Before After Breast Implant photos

Breast implants

Before After Breast Implant photos


How much does breast implants surgery cost in India?

The cost of breast implants surgery in India varies with the surgeon, the facility, and the city where you choose to get the surgery done. On an average, breast augmentation cost in India is around 1400 pounds.

Why is the price of breast implants surgery in India so cheap? Would I not be compromising on the quality for low prices?

The cost of plastic surgery in India is much less as compared to UK or other western countries mainly because of these reasons:

Low cost of endowment in India 

Qualified doctors, surgeons, nursing staff, lower investments costs, subsidies by government to private healthcare sector are more as compared to other countries

An exchange rate regime, which is favorable to India (indicative rates only, may not be currently applicable)

1 USD= 65 Indian rupees
1 GBP= 85 Indian rupees
1 Euro= 75 Indian rupees

The exchange rate makes the prices of breast implants surgery and other plastic surgery very lucrative for people from the UK and other European countries.

Which implants do you use? 

We use FDA approved implants only. Some of the brands commonly used are Mentor, Nagor, Silimed and Allergan.

 Are plastic surgeons in India board certified?

Yes, all the surgeons we work with are board certified and have more than 15 years of experience in the field.

 How do I begin to have Breast Implants surgery in India?

You can send us your details- age, height and weight along with medical history. Also, send us the pictures of the area at You can be assured that the pictures shall be treated with utmost confidentiality.

We shall get back to you with the surgeon’s opinion and the cost details to you along with the options of facility and surgeon to choose from.  We shall also guide you step by step about how to proceed from there for breast implants surgery in India.

For more information, you can call us at +1-877-270-2448 ( US Toll-Free) or +91 932 003 6777 (India number). You can also talk to us at Skype @ Indicure


Body Lift after Weight Loss- Everything You Wanted to Know

Losing massive amount of weight may look like a daunting task, but advancements in Obesity and metabolic surgeries have now helped the obese overcome this challenge.  Massive Weight loss to the tune of hundreds of pounds is common after bariatric surgeries like Roux- en-Y and VSG, however, the bigger question is- Is that the end of the journey?

No, in fact, it is the beginning of another journey- the battle to overcome miles of loose skin, instead of piles of fat! The situation may sound disheartening, but there definitely is a solution.

When a patient undergoes massive weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity and is not able to bounce back to its original shape, thus hanging loose. This leads to the excess skin around tummy, flanks, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and loose hanging breasts in the case of females and excess skin on the chest area in males, typically all the areas where one tends to lose weight from. This is when the need for Body lift arises.

What is Body Lift Surgery?

Body Lift is a comprehensive surgery, which addresses skin laxity and refines the tone and shape of tissue underneath by removal of excess, sagging skin. The procedure is extremely effective and makes a huge difference in the body contours. It gives a firmer and taut look, greatly boosting the confidence and body image of the individual.

Benefits of Body Lift Surgery:

Body Lift surgery is the “Go to” procedure for patients with massive weight loss as it corrects the circumferential descent and gives an overall improvement to the patient. The various advantages of Body lift surgery are:

  • Circumferential correction at multiple body areas
  • Much better and defined body contours with taut appearance
  • Better fitting clothing
  • Enhanced self-esteem and positive body image
  • Relief from rashes and other skin problems caused due to excess skin

Types of Body Lift:

Body Lift or Full Body lift surgery is an umbrella term, under which come different areas of the body, which may or may not be treated at the same time. Depending on the areas of laxity, Body lift surgery may be divided into Upper, Mid or Lower Body Lift.

Lower Body Lift

Lower Body lift surgery, medically known as Belt Lipectomy, is the starting procedure for a Body lift. The procedure corrects the mid- section of the body, including abdomen, flanks or love handles, lower back, buttocks and outer thighs. This involves a circumferential incision, which goes 360 degrees around the body. The procedure also involves tightening of the abdominal muscles by bringing the splayed right and left sides together to give a flat and taut abdomen. The surgery is done under general anesthesia and takes around 4-6 hours, depending on the extent of extra sagging skin.


                                Before Lower Body Lift

Best plastic surgeon for body lift India

                          Before Lower Body Lift

cosmetic surgery in India

                                  After Lower Body Lift


                           After Lower Body Lift

Benefits of the procedure include:

  • Removal of excess skin in front giving a flattened tummy
  • Removal of excessive flank laxity
  • Raising of the descended buttocks
  • Tightening of the outer thighs

Upper Body Lift

Similar to the Lower body lift, the Upper body lift is a circumferential 360-degree surgery, which corrects the upper half of the body, including the breasts/ chest area, lateral sides of the chest, upper back and arms. The procedure also corrects the skin rolls on the back and gives a smooth, taut contour.

However, unlike Lower body lift, body lift surgery for upper half is more flexible and can have variations, wherein an extended breast lift and arm lift surgeries can be done, as per the patient’s needs and requirements.

Though the body lift surgery greatly improves the body contours, like all resection surgeries, there are scars involved. Nonetheless, these are given in inconspicuous areas and gradually fade away with time.


Frequently Asked Questions Body Lift Surgery


  • Can Upper & Lower Body lift surgeries be combined together?

It is not a good idea to combine upper and lower body lift surgeries, since both work in different directions. Most senior surgeons advise staging the procedures with a gap of around 3-6 months in the two procedures, for best results.

The two major reasons for not combing upper & lower body lift surgeries are:

  1. Both are major surgeries and long procedures ranging from 3-6 hours each, so combining these would make the surgery very long and thus the anesthesia time would be extremely long, which is not very safe for the patient.
  2. The second important reason is that both surgeries work in opposite directions- In Lower body lift, the buttocks and lower back is pulled up and depend on the blood supply of lower back, whereas in upper body lift, the upper back and lateral chest area are pulled down and bank on the blood supply of upper back, thus both working in different vector directions, with chances of compromised blood supply.

Also, staging the surgeries gives the patient sufficient time for recovery.

  • Why do I need a 360-degree body lift after massive weight loss, rather than a tummy tuck, since my major area of concern is tummy only?

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck does not work in patients with massive weight loss since the descent is 360 degrees, all around the body. Doing a tummy tuck, which takes care of the skin on the tummy and part of flanks, will leave chasing the skin excess on the sides and back and thus this skin will hang loose even after the surgery.


Notice that tummy tuck would have addressed only the loose skin of tummy whereas body lift takes care of loose skin all over

  • What kind of anesthesia would be used for my Body Lift surgery?

Since body lift surgeries are long procedures, they are performed under General Anaesthesia for the complete comfort of the patient.

  • Is it a good idea to combine Liposuction with Body Lift?

As a general rule, it is not advisable to combine extensive liposuction of an area which is also to be resected, like in a body lift. This is so because of the following reasons:

1. In patients with massive weight loss, the skin has already been stretched to more than its physiological limits. The skin is elastic but upto a point. If it is stretched beyond this limit, it loses the ability to contract when the fat has been removed. Which is why the skin sags and the excess skin has to be surgically removed.

2. Liposuction is a rapid means of removing fat. When this is performed under a skin which has already been stretched beyond a limit, one cannot expect the skin to contract and give a good contour, it will further sag.

3. Another reason is that the liposuction sets up an area of ‘injury’, where the cannula is injected, which may cause issues of wound healing, fluid collections, seromas etc.

There are very few areas where liposuction can be performed in people who have undergone massive weight loss, for example, the arms, and limited abdominal liposuction in the tummy area.

Body lift surgeries are life changing procedures, so it is very important that you choose your surgeon carefully. The surgeon that you choose to work with should:

  • Be well qualified and have board certification
  • Have adequate training to perform Body lifts
  • Be deft and well versed with various types of body lift procedures
  • Make you feel comfortable and should be available to answer your queries
  • Have good bedside manners
  • How do I prepare for my Body Lift surgery?

As a general rule, you need to be fit, active and healthy prior to your surgery. This will not only allow your body to tolerate surgery better but will go a long way in assisting early and effective recovery.

The basic preparation required for the surgery involves:

  1. Diet: Please stick to a ratio of approximately 40:30:30 of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat before your surgery. Eat lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Drink lot of water.
  2. Do plenty of exercises. This keeps the blood flowing especially from the legs, and reduces the chances of deep vein problems.
  3. Smoking is a complete no-no. Smoking can cause delayed recovery, wound breakdown and increased risk of infection. In any case, smoking needs to be completely stopped for 4 weeks before and after surgery.
  4. Alcohol too should be avoided, for at least a couple of weeks before and after surgery.
  5. Medications: It is extremely important to have a list of all medications that you are taking. Some of these may have interactions with medicines that are used after surgery. Any intolerance, allergy or anything like this should be mentioned.

It is really important that any and all information be passed on to the surgeon and anesthetist for their review.

You could also read important information about Body Lift surgery in this article.

 Body Lift Surgery in India

Body Lift surgery in India is performed regularly by some of the senior most and Board certified surgeons, who are internationally trained and have several years of experience behind them in performing these procedures. Since Body lift surgeries are highly specialized procedures, it is imperative that the surgeon has received specialized training for the same.

Body lift surgeries are performed at the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in India, which are equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technology so that the patients get the best surgical outcome.

Full body lift cost in India

Body Lift surgeries are comprehensive procedures and very expensive in the US and other Western countries. Full Body lift cost in India, on the other hand, is very affordable and one of the major reasons why so many people travel to India for their Upper/ Lower or Full Body lift.

Full Body lift cost in India varies depending on the extent of skin laxity, the age of the patient and several other factors. The cost for Lower body lift in India with top cosmetic surgeons starts from as low as US $ 4000, whereas the cost for the same surgery in the US is as high as $ 20,000.

Planning the first stage or Lower Body lift surgery in India

If you wish to get a Total Body lift and ready for the first stage of Body lift in India, write to us at or call us at +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll free) or +91-932-003-6777 or talk to us on Skype @ indicure

We have on our panel few of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world who are specially trained to perform body lift procedures.  With hundreds of happy patients from across the world, we understand your requirements from plastic surgery abroad well.


Daddy Do-Over, Cosmetic Surgery for the Other Half


While mommy makeovers or makeover for women have become pretty common nowadays, the other sex has been more or less stereotyped to not care about his looks and hence, not work on oneself.

However, in the past two decades, the acceptance for male cosmetic surgery has gained quite a prominence. And so has the term “Daddy Doover” or Cosmetic surgery procedures for the daddies to turn the clock back on them.

Changes in the Male Physique

The male physique goes through enormous change twice in their lifetime- once during puberty and the second, during the late 30s. As the hormonal makeup of the body changes, it is no longer able to metabolize food like it used to when the body was younger.

This is when fathers realize that each beer contributes to the sagging and aging of the body. Moreover, at this age, men are preoccupied with their careers and family commitments (attend to the needs of their growing kids), leaving no time for exercise and non-invasive techniques of the likes.

From husbands who gain sympathy weight during their wives’ pregnancy to father’s who have a fully chalked out schedule, cosmetic surgery has time and again proven to be the most effective solution available for a rapid daddy do-over.

Advantages of Daddy Doover:

  1. Minimal downtime: Although some rest and precautions are required, most people tend to resume work within few days.
  2. Long lasting and visible effects.
  3.  Increase in Confidence   

Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Men

There is a wide range of corrective surgeries designed to reverse the toll that stress and aging take on men.

1.      Liposuction:

Liposuction targets the main areas that tend to accumulate fat like the lower abdomen, love handles and pectoral regions. The procedure involves the removal of fat in these areas by creating a small incision and the application of mild vacuum to suck out the fat.

It can effectively remove nearly 10% of the body of fat in one go. The surgery is fairly quick and patients report feeling some tenderness after the fat is removed.  Patients can resume activities the next day.

Liposuction is ideal for those who have a borderline weight and need the surgery just to take care of some extra fat that’ll give definition to their body.

2.      Male Breast Reduction:

The fat that gets accumulated in the chest area is often stubborn and can be very hard to remove through exercise and diet. This is where breast reduction surgery comes into the picture.

Recent research indicates that enlarged breast tissue is seen in nearly 40-50% of middle-aged men. A medical condition called gynecomastia also causes augmentation of the breast tissue.

This is caused by low levels of testosterone that affects the growth of the body.  It can also be a side effect of some medicines (antidepressants, steroids, and drugs like marijuana).

Breast reduction surgery can be done either through liposuction alone or in cases where there is excess glandular tissue that makes the breast look enlarged; an open breast reduction may also be required.

The surgery takes less than one hour and patients can return to work within a week.

The appearance of breasts in men is often embarrassing and can be the root cause for lower self-esteem among fathers. This simple surgery is a viable treatment option for men.

3.      Male Eyelid Surgery:

Puffy eyes can impact one’s overall look. Fatty tissue in the eyelids can even make one look perpetually tired.

The eyelid surgery involves tightening the eye muscles and the removal of fat.

It can be done either under general or local anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours.

Most men are pleasantly surprised with the drastic difference that this surgery makes to their facial appearance. It takes away the tired look and makes the face look quite younger.

4.      Chin Implants:

A study conducted by Dr. Darrick Antell correlated the presence of a prominent chin to success. According to him, the prominent chin in men displays power, status, excellence, and authority.

Moreover, it is a common physical characteristic found in most successful people like CEO’s and celebrities.

Chin implants are placed under the chin tissue to augment or enhance the chin. This procedure is done using local anesthesia and the implant is removable. The implant reduces the presence of a double chin by increasing the vertical height of the chin (from lower lip to the jawbone).

Male chin implants are best suited for men who have a weak chin or double chin that makes the face look older.

5.      Jawline and Neck Reshaping:

Most women rate the jawline of a man to be the most impacting factor that contributes to man’s sex appeal. As men age, the skin loses its elasticity and creates a fleshy and weak jaw. A weak jawline is considered to be effeminate or soft. The reshaping surgery involves liposuction and creating a contour by removal of excess fat.

  1. 6.      Brotox:

Brotox is the quirky term coined for botox procedures designed for men. This is a non-invasive procedure and involves injecting the toxin botulin. Botulin paralyzes certain skin muscles that spasm and causes wrinkles and skin aging. One can still use the rest of the facial muscles and it does not limit facial expression in any way. The procedure is very simple and involves very little recovery time.

Other options:

Technology has advanced to include several ways to keep the body young and fit. Facelifts, Neck lifts, and Kybella, Laser skin resurfacing, Brow lifts, Arm lifts, Butt lifts and implants are some of the other options used by men.  Of course, it is better to try dieting and exercise before going under the knife, but these surgeries are handy when the conventional methods fail.

Cosmetic surgery in India:

Even though an increasing number of people are turning to cosmetic surgery for preserving their youth, the downside of these procedures is the toll it takes on one’s finances.

An excellent alternative is to travel to countries like India for more cost effective treatment. India offers experienced doctors and surgeons, along with good infrastructure and state of the art equipment.

In fact, many American fathers plan a family vacation to India and undergo their cosmetic surgery while they are enjoying the delights of the country. Now, that is a perfect multi-tasking dad!

For more information on your cosmetic surgery in India with best surgeons at most affordable cost, write to us at or call us at +91-9320-036-777 or +1-877-270-2448 (US Toll-Free). You can also talk to us at Skype @ Indicure